4H association of Jyväskylä region


4H organisation is one of the biggest youth and citizens organizations. It is a politically independent organization supported by a wide range of civil quarters, the number of  youth members exceeding 70 000. 4H has stretched out its activities world-wide, in over 80 countries, having more than 10 million youth members.

4H youth work supports a balanced development of children and youth. 4H organization has as its goal to encourage its members to be   enterprise- and cooperation-minded, to emphasize natural and environmental values, to contribute to manual and everyday skills as well as to promote cultural interaction.

The local 4H of Jyväskylä region has just had its 60th birthday. Hundreds of children and young people in Jyväskylä region are actively involved in 4H programs each year.

4H organization offers young people (6-28 years) clubs, job, courses and leisure time learning- and recreational events.

The purpose of 4H activities is well represented by the emblems of the organization: HEAD, HEART, HANDS AND HEALTH or 4H. A central operational principle is today Learning by doing.

If you would like to co-operate with us in Youth in Action or other international programmes, please contact us:

Executive director Anni Tuikkanen
Email: anni.tuikkanen@4h.fi

Phone: +358 44 567 0103 (also WhatsApp)

4H association of Jyväskylä region
Matarankatu 6 A 1
FIN-40100 Jyväskylä